News & Updates

2018-01-30 Migrated to new server

2015-06-15 Added capacity to the Truncate.GBUdb blacklist

2012-03-22 GBUdb Information Update

Updates have been made to the provide further information about how the truncate listing and delisting process works. Updates also made to inform users of ways they can support

2012-03-12 Analysis Hardware Upgrades

Analysis hardware upgrades allow 20% increase in the number of IPs actively tracked by truncate.

2010-05-22 New Data Set Added: Truncate Data

We have added a new Data Set: Truncate. "Truncate" is an rfc5782 compliant DNSBL. You can access this DNSBL via the zone

Visit the Truncate section of the website to learn more.

2010-05-22 Welcome to!

Hello World! Welcome to We have been looking forward to providing new data products from our research for a long time. A few months ago we started testing our first real-time black list derived from the GBUdb cloud. Our "Truncate" list is the first of many data products that we will be providing through the GBUdb web site to help fight spam and protect networks. Try it out and tell us how we're doing!