Welcome to GBUdb.com

GBUdb stands for Good, Bad, Ugly database. GBUdb is a real-time collaborative IP reputation system. This system is built into Message Sniffer where it can accurately learn about the kind of content that is sent by email sources on the Internet.

Message Sniffer accurately identifies email borne spam, scams, viruses, and other malware by examining hundreds of millions of messages every day. If a message is legitimate then the source of that message (the IP) is given a good mark. If the message contains a spam, scam, virus, or other malware then the source of that message is given a bad mark.

Each email filter equipped with GBUdb keeps track of these statistics and shares them with others across the Internet in real-time. This allows these systems to learn from each other and keep track of which IPs are sending good email and which ones are sending spam.

In support of efforts to combat spam and malware on the Internet, we will extract useful data products from GBUdb and our other Internet security research and make those products available here on this web site.

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