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IPs are delisted automatically by the system and no fees are accepted!

Why you SHOULD contribute to

Help fight the good fight! If you're using, then you should help us keep it going!

Contributions help defray the substantial support, hosting, and development costs involved in providing our services. Contributing to helps to ensure that our services will remain open, reliable, and robust.

How can I contribute to

The best way to contribute to is to use Message Sniffer Spam and Malware Protection on your email servers and promote it on your websites, tweets, and blogs. The data and primary funding for comes from Message Sniffer's collaborative real-time IP reputation system and other research projects. So, using and promoting Message Sniffer goes right to the heart of what makes possible.

If you are a service provider and you use GBUdb data then consider standing up a public DNS slave to help make GBUdb data delivery more robust and to accelerate your local requests. DNS servers like this are fed via IXFR and updated every 10 minutes.

Another great way to contribute to is to make a financial donation. Financial donations help make it possible for us to offer openly and provide additional resources for on-going development and support.

How much should I donate?

Donate what you can afford and what you think is fair. A good suggestion is $50/year per server, but every little bit helps!